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~Heechul’s unbeatable confidence

  • Since I’m already so good-looking, I do not need to see girls who are pretty.
  • My beauty never loses anywhere.
  • My voice is too sexy.
  • No need to turn on the lights. I will shine by myself.
  • It’s not my fault that I look this way.
  • I’m a flower and I’m attractive, I don’t look at ladies because I look better.
  • I was able to participate in lots of programs because of my pretty looks.
  • I hear people say that I look like a life-sized doll.
  • This song (I’ve got prettier) is what I say to myself after I shower and look in the mirror 
  • I’m gorgeous~ I hella always fall in love with myself when I look into mirror. I’m hella the best.
  • I feel that I am the best in China.
  • You can’t hit Sungmin with a flower or even with my face (It’s a flower. Of course, of course) 
  • You always talk about how pretty I am, are you jealous?
  • I have grown up well. But I am still cute.
  • I have times where I feel I am old, not when I am looking into the mirror or when I am standing on stage because I’m always good looking and always handsome.
  • It’s not my fault, it’s my parents who gave birth to such a handsome face.
  • I’m more pretty than Girls’ Generation.
  • This is it. I’m the perfect pretty boy.
  • I look good in any hairstyle anyway.
  • Yeah, looks don’t last for thousands or ten-thousands of years. Like mine can only last for hundreds of years…
  • So pretty… I’m seeing the reflection of myself in your eyes.
  • It’s my face but this is really handsome.
  • How are my eyes so pretty like this.. My eyes are like a doll’s.
  • Wherever I go, being pretty causes problems.
  • Whoa, why am I so pretty?
  • I glow from any angle, so take my picture all you want.

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Super Junior rehearsing for Super Show Six

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141004 Gimpo Airport to Japan - Heechul
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“I’m searching for a song tonight, I’m changing all of the stations.”


 -Me every time I’m in the car looking for Maps on the radio

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my own heroin

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☆❋──❁ Mamacitain the Wild Wild West~❃──❋

4 thumbs up pict no. 2

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